Forest Babies Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Wildlife Rehab in Action ~

For the care of sick, injured or orphaned native Florida wildlife and release back to the wild.

The Goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately

be returned to their natural habitat. Animals are held in captivity only until they can live independently in the wild.


The pictures on this website are a sampling of the animals cared for over the years.


Lots of 'Possum Luv.


This is "Sheriff" an injured Opossum. Look here to see his leg injury.

 He did great in rehab. These are his release pictures.

This is "Tiddles Opossum" who was found orphaned in a garden. Helping him is Rosha our rehab assistant.

Release day for Tiddles.



Growing babies.



This is "Candy" and her five baby "Kisses". She was hit by a car one night while out looking for food. She and all her babies did great in rehab and were released.

Opie and Mark.

These orphaned Opossums came from two mothers so are not related but they became instant friends.



This group of baby Opossums lost their mother.
She was found dead with the babies wandering
about near her body.


Below are pictures of the babies learning how to climb.





This is "Tootsie Roll" a female Opossum that has a badly broken leg.  Tootsie has babies in her pouch. You can see a pink baby right of the green cast. Pictures  of Tootsie's care, the babies in her pouch, and her story.


This is "Mum" an injured Opossum with a full pouch of babies!
Pictures  of Mum's care, the babies in her pouch, and her story.


2006 These four babies lost their mother from an attack by a dog.
Two are males and two are females weighing an average weight of 18 grams.







Opossum mouth!




Four Opossum Babies 2005.



This was the big day! All four babies were ready for release.





Close up of Opossum hands and nose.





Opossum release pictures.


Please, if you care to, donate what
you can to help the wild babies.

Forest Babies Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
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The Meaning of Rehabilitation...

To face yet another day just like the one before. We forgo sleep, time with family and friends, and any time at all for ourselves. And yet, when life is given back, a success is noted, a victory won, we are renewed to continue with this work. Those who are gifted with a great love for animals and nature and the ability to help save their lives have no choice but to do all that is humanly and humanely possible.

This website was created to help us appreciate the wild animals we make our home
with and to educate ourselves about their wonders.


If you see a picture you like and want a copy,  please let me know by email so it can be sent to you!

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Please remember, rehabbers are volunteers for their communities. They are not paid by anyone. Support your rehabber!